Welding in Confined Spaces

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Welding in Confined Spaces

As described in the confined spaces section there is extreme danger where ever air flow is restricted or where toxic substances can accumulate where workers are located.

Welding and cutting in confined spaces processes develop hazardous gases naturally and need to be monitored in areas especially where nature air flow is restricted.

Due to the unique hazards associated with hot work in confined spaces, additional controls are required. The following include specific requirements for hot work in confined spaces:

Due to the isolation and difficulty of egress, hot work operations in confined spaces present additional hazards. These include:

  • Impeded egress from the space under emergency conditions
  • Undiscovered worker injury and delay of treatment.

Confined spaces usually do not have adequate natural ventilation, which may expose workers to hazardous fumes and gases.

Because confined spaces have little natural ventilation, flammable gases may accumulate to hazardous levels, even when unoccupied, exposing workers to risk of fire or explosion upon re-entry.