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Hazardous Materials TrainingHazardous Materials Training

Forklift operators transport hazardous materials daily. Forklifts are used in chemical manufacturing plants as well as other hazardous locations. Accidents and spills occur. Workers need to be aware of these hazards and how to avoid exposures. All employers with hazardous chemicals in their workplaces must prepare and implement a written hazard communication program, and ensure that all containers are labeled, employees are provided access to Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), and an effective training program is conducted for all potentially exposed employees. They must also ensure that only properly authorized powered industrial trucks enter hazardous locations and that these locations are posted.

This specialized hazardous materials training is designed to the needs of the company and depends of such factors as; volume, category, or type and frequency of handling. An assessment needs to be made to ensure compliance of the standard. Also, the SDS documentation needs to be organized and updated regularly so as to be useful to employees.

EPA, OSHA, and DOT each have separate training rules, but there is often overlap among the various requirements. OSHA’s goal is to reduce worker injury and illness. DOT requires all employees who handle or transport hazardous materials to receive general awareness, function-specific, and safety training. EPA training focuses on eliminating the release of pollutants and wastes, both on and off site.