Agriculture: Protecting Workers from Tripod Orchard Ladder Injuries QuickCard

Tripod orchard ladders can be dangerous. Many workers have been hurt from slips on rungs, falls, collapsing ladders, and being struck by tree branches. Orchard employers and supervisors can prevent these injuries by taking the [...]

Agriculture: Protecting Farmworkers from Tractor and Harvester Hazards QuickCard

Tractor incidents are the leading cause of death and injury on farms. Farmworkers are especially at risk from rollovers, tipping and highway incidents. Employers and supervisors should take steps to ensure a safe work environment [...]

  • Aerial Lift Fall Protection Over Water in Shipyards-osha3452

Aerial Lift Fall Protection Over Water in Shipyards

Aerial lifts are often used in shipyards and boatyards when erection of staging is impractical. These boomsupported personnel platforms and bucket trucks (i.e., cherry pickers) may cause worker injuries or deaths. Boom failure, tip-over, falls [...]