OSHA Compliance Checklist

/OSHA Compliance Checklist
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Ten Question OSHA Compliance Checklist


  1. Do you have an IIPP that is designed specifically for your business?

  2. Do you have a disciplinary program for employees who violate your safety policies and Cal/OSHA regulations?

  3. Do you have records of enforcement of the disciplinary program?

  4. Do you do a safety assessment for each job activity and each work site.

  5. Do you provide safety equipment and protective clothing as needed for particular job duties for your employees?

  6. Do you need a confined space program?

  7. Are your employees exposed to hazardous materials or noise levels above the allowable standard?

  8. Are you familiar with the Cal/OSHA reporting requirements if one of your employees sustains a serious injury at work?

  9. Do you know what constitutes the definition of a serious injury?checklist04

  10. Do you need a lockout – tag out program? Is your machinery properly guarded.

  11. Do you have employees who may be exposed to heat stroke/ exhaustion?