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4th of July

4th of July The safest way to enjoy fireworks is professional displays. More than 50 percent of sparkler-related injuries happen to kids under age 14 across the country. Sparklers can reach 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and have the potential to cause significant burn injuries. Sparklers can quickly ignite clothing and can cause grass fires if thrown [...]

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LA Paid Sick Leave

L.A.’s Paid Sick Leave amendment included a posting requirement, now available as part of a brand new L.A. Minimum Wage notice. In 2015, Los Angeles enacted a new minimum wage ordinance (MWO) and required a posting by July 1, 2016. After L.A. released the required minimum wage notice, the City amended their minimum wage law [...]

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How to survive an OSHA audit

Even with the 7 million workplaces it covers each year, OSHA will likely find its way to your location. Plan for an inspection Make sure you have three key items in place prior to the arrival of the OSHA compliance officer: A determination if you will ask for a warrant A form to document what [...]

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