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About Us

Has OSHA paid you a visit? We will defend you!

OSHA Appeals is a division of Flanagan Consulting. We assist companies through the OSHA Appeals process. At OSHA Appeals, we specialize in appealing of OSHA citations & fines. We specialize in bringing small to medium size businesses from all industries into regulatory compliance with CAL OSHA and FED OSHA.

OSHA compliance officials possess specific law enforcement powers. They are not quite like police officers who can arrest you and take you to jail, but they can and will obtain search warrants, seek complaints from the local District Attorney, and testify against you in front of the OSHA Appeals Board, or even in criminal court.

If your company receives a CAL/OSHA citation or experienced a serious injury or fatality, Cal-OSHA will make notification in writing by certified mail of any citations/penalties received. You have only 15 working days to either pay the penalties or contest the citation, the penalties, or both. Failure to contest the citation within this time frame confirms the penalty as FINAL. We can fight the citations!

For these reasons, you should exercise extreme caution whenever  OSHA enforcement appears at your work-site. This is even more important if an employee is injured or deceased. Also if an employee lodges a complaint. The steps are outlined at When OSHA Visits.

We have a proven track record for reducing and/or eliminating OSHA citations and penalties while getting your company back in compliance and keeping it there. Click here to see some examples of how we’ve reduced fines.

What we do

At Flanagan Consulting, we work with CAL OSHA Judges and District Managers to reduce and eliminate OSHA fines. Erin Flanagan, the owner, has been successfully fighting OSHA citations for years. The relationships she has developed allow her to get you the best possible resolution. You don’t need to do this alone. We will take the burden off of you so you can continue to work your business. Call us for a free consultation!